I am a senior mechanical engineering major at the University of Maryland, College Park. I currently work as a Senior Prototyping Lab Manager for Engineering Information Technology (EIT). I have always had a passion for mechanical design, and I particularly love the challenges and rewards associated with the design of modular systems. My work at UMD allows me to access some of the most cutting-edge prototyping equipment in the world, and has enabled me to become involved in some extraordinary projects. This site contains overviews of some  of the projects I've completed, things I've designed, things I'm working on, and sometimes files and instructions so you can get your DIY on. I welcome both questions and advice, feel free to reach out.


PS: The circley thing at the top of this page, and the bottom of all these pages is my "other" logo. It should be the image on your browser tab too. It comes from my initials, "E.R." The left half is an E, the right half is an R. Yeah, I know it's weird to have two logos. Bad practice and all that. "Confuses people," they say. "Prevents you from building a successful brand." It's also kind of weird to explain it like this. The ER logo is my "maker's mark," if you will. I've used it for a while, and even printed a branding iron on a DMLS machine with that logo for woodworking projects. Problem is that "" seemed weird, so I wanted to go with a different primary domain name, which meant designing a different logo, but I'm not willing to drop the ER thing. Oh well. I'm not a brand anyway, I'm a guy. Or two brands, apparently. Whatever. I think this paragraph has too much. Punctuation. Thanks for visiting my site, hope you have some fun here.